Ell Pond, Melrose, MA

Ell Pond is a mediocre sized pond in the middle of a pretty busy area.  Half of the pond is lined with residential homes while the other half is pretty much open for shore fishing.  There is a limited amount of visible structure in the water so finding fish in most areas may be a crapshoot, but there is enough to fill a few hours worth of successful fishing.

I fished mostly on the western shore of the pond.  I found parking behind what looked like a community center off of Tremont St.  There is access to the water there and a path that leads all the way around the northern shore as well.  If you park there, the first opening you see is the most heavily packed with lilly pads and weeds which I always prefer to fish.  There is also an opening to a little creek that you can fish as well.

As you work around the northern shore, you will find some lilly pads but for the most part I tried to just cast out as far as I could from there and cover as much area as possible.  There is also a little cove on the northern shore that had some lilly pads and looked like a great spot to catch some fish but I didn't have time to work over there.  Again this is an opening to a creek in the middle of it which is something I always like to throw a few casts into.

The eastern shore is almost completely open for shore fishing but it is pretty clear of any rocks, weeds, or trees so that can be pretty challenging.  You will be able to drop in a canoe or kayak over on that side if you were so inclined to do so.

The day I was there, I got a lot of hits, caught about 6 bass and didn't see a single other person fishing there which is always nice.  Good luck.

Successful Bait: Worms- Watermelon, Black w/ blue flakes.  Torpedo top water lure.
Shore Fishing? Yes 
Boat Access? Yes 
Boat Ramp? No

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