Reeds Pond, Wellesley, MA

Reed's Pond is a very small pond located just off of Route 9 in Wellesley, MA.  Although this pond might be small, don't be surprised to pull in a couple 1.5 - 2 lb bass.  I dunno how they got that big in a small pond like this but they're there.  There is limited access to the pond but you can fish it from a couple spots on the shore, and if you wanted, for some reason, to get a canoe or kayak in there, you can.

The spot I had the most success from is located off of Woodside Ave where you'll find a large opening with plenty of room to cast.  There are a lot of weeds over in this area, so it's tough to fish, but it also allows the fish to hang out close to the shore while being protected.   I caught fish 60 feet from the shore and 8 feet from the shore so it's really diverse.

The other spot I fished is on the south side of the pond where there is a damn.  You can fish the middle from there where it gets a little deeper.  There was a patch of lilly pads straight out that always had a lot of fish breaking around it.  Also on the left side, there are a lot of overhanging trees that offer a lot of shade and some great fishing. 

It's a small pond but I fished there about 6 times and always caught a couple bass.  Great spot to just relax and cast a few.

Successful Bait: Yamamoto 5" Senko Worms - Watermelon w/ red flake, Pumpkin seed, Blue Magic,  Green w/ purple flake
Shore Fishing? Yes 
Boat Access? Yes 
Boat Ramp? No

Map coming soon.