Robbins Pond, East Bridgewater, MA

Well, this place has been a bit troubling for me.  I've fished here 4 times.  3 times on a boat and once from the shore.  Each time, I went with high expectations and each time they haven't quite been met.  Robbins Pond consists of two bodies of water divided by a small dirt access road that you can find across the street from Nick & Angelo's Pizza on Route 106.

Early in the season, on the eastern half of the pond (the side on the right side of the access road) the weeds aren't too bad on the shore lines and can be fished with some success.  Yet, when I went out in late June, the weeds were too thick to fish, never mind get my boat through them.  We were stuck fishing the weedless shore on the northern side of the pond, unsuccessfully.  This half of the pond has no houses on the shore. 

The most attractive and most troubling part of Robbins Pond are all of the submerged tree stumps.  There are submerged stumps everywhere, which we all know provide structure for bass to congregate around.  Unfortunately, they also provide places to run your boat onto and get stuck for 5 minutes (like I did... twice).   If you can battle through the stumps with a good navigator, you could have some success. I'm yet to fish there without catching a fish, but just never as many as I expect.

As for the western half of the pond, also accessible from Pond St, I have only fished that a for a few minutes, until my motor went to shit.  This half of the pond is almost completely surrounded by houses on the shore except for the beach on Pond St, and the side that butts up against the access road.  On that shore though, you will find some good fishing, with lilly pads, bushes running in the water, and long grass, giving you plenty of structure to fish.  I'm not sure if I plan to go back there because of all the trouble I have been given there, but I always welcome a challenge.

Successful Baits:
Shore Fishing? Yes
Boat Access? Yes, Pond St and Access Road off of Route 106
Boat Ramp? Yes

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  1. This pond is my favorite place to go.The pond you got stuck in sucks. I got stuck out there a few times myself .I fish the other pond most of the time because it's close to where I live and it never diappoints.In the summer time right at dusk the Largemouths go crazy on the Zara Spooks.2-3 pound lm all day and night long.A guy pulled a 8 pound lunker out of there last summer.

  2. Only fished here twice and second time was yesterday. I caught nice 5lb bass on the left side of service road off shore. Used purple 5" senko.

  3. The upper no-name pond (it's not part of Robbins Pond; we've always called it Stump Pond), accessible via 106, does not suck at all. In fact, it is an amazing pond. My biggest out of there is 6.5lbs. My father's biggest is 7.1lbs. And no doubt there are much bigger bass in there.

    Yes, it gets weedy, but if you bring heavy line or braid, and tie on a frog or punch those mats, you'll catch some giants. Spinnerbaits work great out in middle, along the weedlines.

    Your best bet is fishing from a kayak. It easily glides over even the thickest weeds. Don't give up on the places; it's one of the best spots around here.

    1. which no name pond are you referring to ? the one behind Nicks and angelos pizza place ?

    2. No, that pond is dead, no fish. I'm talking about the one across the street, by the bogs. The pond shown on the right in the image above.

      Fished a tournament there back in July. One guy got a 6.2, and my father got a 6.4.