Whitman's Pond, Weymouth, MA

Whitman's Pond is a place I have been fishing for years with mixed results. It used to be a great spot but I think fishing pressure and the overabundance of vegetation is having a negative impact.  That said, there are still big bass to be caught in here - each year I hear about a handful of 5 pounders getting caught there.

There are lilly pads along both the northern and southern shores and I have caught nearly every fish there either in or near the lilly pads.  Early in the season, you can work the shores but as the weeds get there, you need to start fishing a little further into the water.

For the most part, I have worked the shores both on the North and South side of the pond which can be easily accessed by a boat ramp on Middle St.  There is a sand bar in the middle where I have had some success as well as two natural springs where some bass seem to congregate.  There is also a beach on the south east corner that is always active with bass.  The beach can be fished from the shore by going down Westminster St off of route 53.  You can also fish off the long shore line on Middle St but that is highly over fished, so if you're going to do that I suggest working the corners more than the middle.

The weeds are really thick so if you plan to use an open hook lure, I would suggest using a top water lure.  There are some spots, near the beach and on the south side of the pond near a restaurant called Canoli's that are some what weedless where you could use a spinner or crank bait.  It can get pretty windy at times which makes it challenging to fish but usually it is coming off of the Middle St shore so if you're fishing off the shore it will only lengthen your casts.

Overall this is a great fishing spot.  I go out every time expecting to catch a couple good size bass.  Good luck!

Successful Baits:
Shore Fishing? Yes
Boat Access? Yes off of Middle St
Boat Ramp? Yes

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  1. I've caught several 4+lbs on the most southern side of Whitman's even caught a 26in chain pickerel!! Awesome largemouth bass fishing.FISH ON!!!!!!

  2. I've caught several 4+lbs on the most southern side of Whitman's even caught a 26in chain pickerel!! Awesome largemouth bass fishing.FISH ON!!!!!!

  3. Attention Bass Boat owners !!! Whitmans Pond Association President Trish Prise is trying to ban power boats with Hp over 50!!!

  4. Please keep us updated on that. I have a 115hp ranger

  5. I grew up on the south side of the pond and have caught several 6 pond bass.this small part of the pond has some great fish and is good for kayak or canoe fishing ive caught largemouth bass,pickeral,perch,calico,sunfish,bullhead catfish and golden shiners ive also heard of carp being caught.

  6. If there are any questions i know this pond like the back of my hand and im willing to answer anyones questions this is a wonderful place to spend the day on the water and catch some larry's

    1. I just started working down the street from this phone I get here around 6:30 every morning and spend about an hour and a half fishing on the middle Street side could somebody point me in the right direction like to catch catch some huge bass

    2. Have you ever seen any carp in this pond?

  7. Just caught a nice little 1.5-2 lb'er on the kayak near the beach off westminster on my lunch break today

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