Purgatory Cove/Charles River, Waltham, MA

Purgatory Cove is a small pond connected to the Charles River in Waltham, MA. You can park on Forest Grove Rd and fish on either side of the street. While there is limited spots to cast from in between the trees, I've only ever seen 1 or 2 other people fishing so I've had plenty of space to work. This place has consistently produced fish for me, including a couple of 3lbers during my last trip.

You'll quickly see that there is heavy vegetation along the shore, especially on the Cove side. Most of my success has come from landing a senko or rubber frog into holes between lilly pads. On the river side, it's a little more open and you've got space to throw something with an open hook. I've caught a few running a white spinner along the weed line.

You can also find some shore access by driving up the end of the road to the round about in the image below. There's a path going up the side of the Charles, which has various opening to cast from.

I've only fished from the shore here, but I'm dying to get a boat out on there. I constantly see fishing breaking on both the cove and river side just a little bit out of casting range. There's also a bunch of structure in the cove that I'd love to fish, including a bunch of tree stumps in the southern corner.

It's a pretty small spot and not too much more to say. Tight lines!

Successful Baits:
Shore Fishing?  Yes
Boat Access? Yes - on Forest Grove Rd
Boat Ramp? No, kayak or car topper access only

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  1. Tell me about this location. Why this place is so special?